Promote: Make Social Video Ads

Category: Creative, Video Advertising

Developer: Easy Hi LTD

Cost: Free with subscription options

Using the App Store and iPad for download and creation

I’ve just started using this app so this won’t be an in-depth review, more of a first impression and creation. I’m happy with how the initial project looks, I only had a short space of time to make something and get it posted and this simple advert got a good response.

The reason I used Promote for this project was I wanted something with motion that had a simple look to the finished advert. While listening to a social media marketing podcast it was mentioned that people’s attention is most attracted to movement. So integrating this concept into the advert creation was a key reason for selecting an app with video and animation capabilities. I was also driven by the fact it is a free resource and while this does come with limitations it seems to be a useful tool to have.

Promote is a free app, although as with most apps your use of tools and resources is limited unless you purchase a subscription. Obviously this is frustrating but I was still able to find a free short video that worked for my purpose. At the beginning ‘template’ page there is the option to search the free content. There are templates for various social media platforms and post formats, which helps ensure your design is setup correctly and avoid conversion issues. As I was making an advert to be loaded on my Facebook group I chose the Facebook Post option. I found a simple video with a text set-up, changed the wording and typeface, chose music for the ad, then added an animation option to the text and saved the video to my iPad photos folder. The whole process was simple and I was able to create a visually engaging advert in the five minute time slot I found myself with. The only thing that I found limiting during this process was the choice of music available without a subscription. I opted for the most suitable from the free tracks, but it was not the sound I wanted to accompany the advert I’d created. As frustrating as this might be it was a minor annoyance, and it is a free resource which will usually come with some restrictions.

As this was a very quick project I didn’t get a chance to delve into all the tools and possibilities of this app. However, I will be using it again for future projects and will make sure to do a write-up for each project.

That’s it. Download it, try it, let me know what you think. Take care and have a fabulous weekend.


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