PicMonkey Photo Editor Design

Category: Creative, Photo Editing & Graphic Design

Developer: PicMonkey, Inc.

Cost: Free with subscription options

Downloaded from the App Store & used on an iPhone

This photo editing app is a handy tool, even without a subscription. I was in a bit of a hurry to create images for my Facebook Stories, so my initial use of it resulted in some simple text over an image. Upon further investigation though I’ve found the amount of free stock imagery is impressive, as are the tools available at no cost. I believe with a more in-depth exploration of the app’s possibilities I will find this very useful in content creation.

There are plenty of design templates set up for different social platforms and formats, which makes it nice and easy to create content that will be the correct resolution and size for the designation. I found the Facebook Story option with difficulty, then did a keyword search from the Stock Photos to make the basis of the artwork. There is a fairly varied selection of fonts to choose from without a subscription, so for something with a straightforward style it is fine. There are other tools available like alignment, text colour etc., so your text is able to be edited to suit your design needs. Elements are layered which allows more complex layouts, and there are many free graphic images for use as well. Another great feature is being able to draw your own images and icons, with tools for different size, colour and opacity.

All in all I think this has the potential to become one of my more frequently used picture design apps. The fact you get so much with the free use is impressive and its operation is straightforward, meaning design is attractive and quick to do. I look forward to experimenting further with this handy little app.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you have any comments or suggestions of apps to try then let me know.

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