Super Plinko – Paid To Play?

This Plinko game is much like all the others available, you get balls to drop down the board to fill up slots at the bottom. When the slots have all had a ball in them the wheel spins and when it stops you get the specified prize from that segment of the wheel. There’s nothing that stands out about this game and the promise of a monetary prize is null as the game gets to a point then stops rewarding you with the prizes necessary to complete the targets.

There are a few ways to get ‘prizes’ but they require you to fill all the bottom slots to spin a prize wheel. These prizes are then collected by getting a ball in the relevant spot. These prizes, such as PayPal and Amazon gift cards, rarely come up so I’d imagine months of gameplay still wont yield a reward. Spinning the wheel gives you $ balls but I got to $96.890 then stopped giving green $ balls. Getting all the letters of the alphabet seems like the most attainable goal but it seems to slow and stall in giving these as prizes too. I’ve played this game for weeks now and feel confident to say that even if I played for months longer I would be unlikely to see any real reward.

That’s it for this one, there’s really not much to say about this one. So until the next time, take it easy folks.

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