Werble: Photo & Video Animator

Category: Creative, Photo & Video Animation

Developer: Horsie in the Hedge Limited

Version: 1.5.3

Cost: Free with subscription options

Downloaded from the App Store & used on an iPad

Hi there and welcome to my blog. If you are new here then welcome, and if you have followed my work so far then welcome back.

So as, with previous reviews, this is a ‘first impressions’ blog of the Werble app. I used it for the animation tools, making a Facebook story that would catch viewers attention.

Upon opening Werble the user is shown a portfolio of artwork, created using the app. You can look at the effects that have been used to create the image, as well as purchasing them for your own library. Pressing the round logo button, at the centre bottom of the page, takes you to your photo library. Here you can select the image you’re going to be working on. The image you select is immediately sized to fill the screen, so it is important to change this if your artwork requires it. Once you have selected the correct image and size you can move on to the next stage of the process.

There are plenty of graphic overlays available, many of which are free to download. So far I have found the free resources more than ample for the work I’ve been creating, but I don’t think it is inconceivable that I may invest in some of the paid resources. I’ve been very impressed so far with what is achievable and feel that investing on some of the extra resources could be well worth the cost. Something I definitely will pay is the £4.99 to remove Werble’s watermark. Normally I wouldn’t bother but they have made the logo rather large and I’ve found it interferes with my designs quite a bit. I need to make sure that it is a one off payment that will cover all designs, and if it was smaller I wouldn’t feel the need to pay to do so, but in this instance I think would be more harmful to leave it.

A great feature of Werble is the ability to add multiple overlays using layers. Their order can be adjusted too, so you can build up an image by prioritising each feature. Overlay size and orientation can be adjusted accordingly, creating a visually capturing design.

In the tools menu there are lots of other settings and features available to aid in your creation, but I haven’t needed to use this so far. I have had a look at some of these tools and while I can see they may have their uses later on, right now it is only the ‘meme’ option that allows a restricted use and placement of text on your design. That said this app is not really set up for type, so I would be more inclined to keep this as a tool for photo animation and use a different app for typography inclusive design work.

Somethings I think are missing from this app would be wildlife overlays. My example would be the creation of a piece that focuses on natural ingredients and eco-friendly products. I was able to use a blossom overly but I would have liked to have included an individual butterfly and/or ladybug. Maybe this is too specific for them to have on the app or maybe it is something we will see added at a letter date. The other thing I feel is missing is adding music. As this is more of a graphically visual design app I understand why there is no option to add music or sounds, but it would still have been a nice feature to have. That said this is a free, visual design app that is extremely versatile and what it does it seems to do very well.

So far I’ve created quite a few designs with this app, and each time I use it I find something new I can do with it. The value it offers is amazing and I have found it a really worthwhile tool to have at my disposal.

Well, that’s my opinion of the Werble app and I cannot stress how impressed I am with this, particularly as there are so many free resources available. I would definitely recommend people download it and see for themselves, it is easy to use and can quickly create eye-catching designs, even if you’re an amateur like me.

Have a great evening everyone, thanks for stopping by.

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