Zombie Fighting – Get Paid To Play?

Grrrrrr. Ok so some of these so called ‘ Paid To Play’ games can get really annoying. They don’t pay out, they have loads of ads, but this game takes the biscuit. As well as the aforementioned annoyances this game has a glitch that stops you progressing in the star challenge and is so easy to get to the maximum level with no sign of the developers adding new levels that it really is a pointless waste of time. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but I’ve played a lot of these games for the blog and so far this is the worst I’ve tried. At least make the game play somewhat of a challenge because it becomes boring very quickly.

The gameplay is simple. Merge plants that shoot down incoming zombies. The plants only get to level 50 and I reached that point after playing for about 1 week. To cash out you need $100 but after you get your plants to level 50 there’s not much chance of getting any $ rewards. The star challenge allows you to fight off the incoming hoard of zombies with a flower of that level. It’s pretty easy to complete each level until I got to level 22. After finishing the round for this level it seems to glitch. The level continues as if there are more zombies to fight, but after leaving it for 15 minutes it stayed the same. My first step was to then close the game and reopen it but the level showed as incomplete. I tried completing it several times but it always gets stuck at the same point.

All in all it is the most boring and frustrating waste of time I have dealt with since starting the app testing for this blog. I’ll add the video to show you the issue I had, but implore you to save yourself the trouble of downloading this silly little app.

If you’ve had a different experience with this game I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have anything else you’d like to discuss please drop me a line. Have a good day lads and ladies.

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