Puppy Town – Get Paid To Play

First up to be reviewed is a merge game. In case you’re not familiar with the format, you get two matching items and drag one to the other to merge them. The levels and cost of said items, in this case different breeds of dogs, increase as you continue to merge the matches.

I quite enjoy this game, it’s pointless and simple but for some reason I am drawn to it right now. That said, I’m sure given some time it will become boring as the actions are so repetitive while the challenges are easy to accomplish. Here’s a quick video to give you a glimpse into the gameplay.

So as you saw at the end of the video I do not have the $10 needed to cash out. Funny thing is I have been playing for over month and I haven’t earned any new coins in weeks. Like so many of these games they stop you earning new coins before you can cash out. I thought if I kept plugging away I’d get something, but once I reached a certain amount that was the end of it.

Having played this game for a while now I feel I have enough data to draw some conclusions. Firstly, I do not believe I will earn a thing from this. Even if I keep playing for a year I doubt I would earn anything further than the $9.60 it has been capped at now. That said, I’m still playing it knowing this information. I dare say it will be one of those games that you play for a while then get bored of due to the repetitive nature.

So that’s it peeps. Have any of you played this game and won? Get in touch and let me know your experiences. Until next time, take care.

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