Play Apps & Get Paid?

So something I’ve noticed in the lockdown period is adverts for games which imply you can earn money as you play. To good to be true right? I believed so but I could also do with cash and I play games anyway so I thought “what’s the harm?”

The first thing to mention is the currency is always in $ so, if like me you’re in the UK, the conversion means you won’t be getting £100.

So, very early on I’ll say this. I have played many of these games and so far I’ve won the impressive amount of…nothing. I mean sure, I haven’t tried every single one of these apps but I’ve played a lot and they all have a catch. Most require you to earn over $100 to cash out, but then stop you ever getting to that amount. Others need you to have watched hundreds of videos and reached a high level before you can cash out just a single $, then you have to do it all again for another measly $. Those that show you can cash out easily always have a ‘sold out’ label on it with a countdown that reaches 0 and yet you still can’t cash out.

I will of course review each app, after all I have spent the time playing them. Maybe if these games are highlighted for the soft scams they are (as there advertised claims are misleading at the very least) then people won’t be swayed to use them by false promises. That said, there are a couple I enjoy playing even though I know I’ll never really make any money from them. The only downside is the amount of adverts that pop up, but you get that in many of the standard free games available.

So in summary, you won’t get rich from these games, you won’t reach the target amounts and so far I have seen that you do not get money from ANY of these games.

Until next time peeps, take care.

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